Robot Dice Stickers

As you know, Happy Birthday, Robot! uses special dice called Robot Dice. Creating custom dice is a pretty expensive process, from production to shipping, so that was well outside of our budget. We figured out a possible alternative, though.

That's a sheet of vinyl stickers to create your own Robot Dice out of your standard dice. These stickers are vinyl and weatherproof, for those times when you're out in the middle of the woods and you just HAVE to play Happy Birthday, Robot!

These stickers are going out to pre-orderers who ordered a signed and numbered edition of the game. Each book has enough stickers to make 14 Robot Dice, which is about as many as you'll statistically ever need. I have enough materials to make a few more sheets. If there's enough interest, I'm bringing some to GenCon, possibly for sale or as a con-exclusive bonus.

If you want to try your own, here's a link to the PDF template for an OL32LP label sheet.

And here's the InDesign file, if you want to customize this for your own label sheets.


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