Get Pop n' Locke's Last Heist with the Writer's Dice PDF Guide

We passed 500% last night! By popular demand, I'm making a game designed exclusively for Writer's Dice. Pop n' Locke's Last Heist will be bundled with the forthcoming Writer's Dice PDF guide at the four-dice level.

Pop n' Locke's Last Heist
Meet the MacGuffins. During a family reunion on Pop's 80th birthday, a strange light imbued his household objects with spectacular powers. A fork-that-freezes-water. A pencil-that-pierces-any-object. A key-that-unlocks-any-door. Each family member took one object with the promise to do good... promises that were soon broken! Now, Pop and his granddaughter Locke travel the world retrieving the objects from their unscrupulous family members. Will they make it out unscathed or is this really Pop n' Locke's Last Heist?

About the Game
Pop n' Locke's Last Heist is a storytelling game about a grandfather and granddaughter pulling off an elaborate heist, sometimes using household objects with strange powers. The game is played in a series of "beats," or simple statements in an ongoing story. After saying a beat, you roll 4dW (four Writer's Dice) and choose a word to lead into the next beat. If your chosen word appears twice in that roll, your object gains a special charge to do some extraordinary feat. For example, if you rolled AS AS BUT IF, then chose AS, a fork-that-freezes-water could freeze a whole river. Choosing three-of-a-kind and four-of-a-kind leads to even more epic feats!

How You Can Get the Game
Any backer of four dice or over will get Pop n' Locke's Last Heist as a PDF download. As with my other games, the PDF will be available as a full-color PDF and a printer-friendly minimal PDF.

Get it now!


  1. Sounds like someone watched "The Lost Room" series recently!

  2. Oh yeah, Pop n' Locke has been in development for a long time, partly inspired by the Lost Room.


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