Writer's Dice Kickstarter Successful! 845% Funded

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this project! It was more successful than I could've imagined. Here are our final numbers:

475 backers raised $8435 in just 2 weeks, a total pre-order of ~1650 dice!

So here's what will happen next: Kickstarter and Amazon Payments are going to charge your pledges from your credit cards over the next week. Most of you have already successfully done so, but a few might have some transaction errors that Amazon will try to resolve until Saturday, Nov 12.

After the pledges are all resolved, we'll place an order for about 1750 dice. We're ordering plenty of extras just in case any get lost in the mail. Once ordered, those will take up to ten business days to produce, according to our vendor. (Usually they're much faster, but we've never ordered this many dice from them.)

When we have the dice here, we'll bundle them up into your individual packages and ship them to you. Estimated delivery for domestic orders should be around the second week of December or sooner. International orders are, understandably, going to take some more time to deliver so I can't guarantee an exact date in those cases.

If anything comes up that would affect our outbound shipping plans, you'll be the first to know. Er… Well, I guess we'd be the first to know. But you'll be the first we tell! :D

Anyhoo, thanks again for your support! Look for more updates as events progress.

P.S. The Writer's Dice Guide PDF and Pop & Locke PDF are still in development. I need to flesh out the former and I just tapped a really great artist for the latter. I hope to send out both PDFs around the time the Writer's Dice go out the door. Again, you'll be appraised of all development milestones. I'm an over-sharer. :)


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