Pop and Locke's Last Heist - Character Designs by James Stowe

Pop and Locke's Last Heist - James-Stowe-Sketches---Locke
Pop and Locke's Last Heist - James-Stowe-Sketches---Pop
These are the initial sketches for Pop and Locke's character designs by James Stowe (of D&D for Dads fame). He offered up many different heads and bodies for each character and was very patient with my photoshoppery fiddling.

Pop and Locke's Last Heist - James-Stowe-Sketches---Finished-Pop-Locke
These are James' final designs in color. Funny thing, I initially directed James to draw Locke with a fork, but it looked a bit more menacing than I expected. That's why she now carries a spoon. I don't know what the spoon does, though. Meanwhile, Pop has a pencil whose point lights up like a flashlight.

To see how this all started, check out my post on the Pop and Locke Artist Style Guide. That outlines the visual references I first gave to James at the beginning of the art process.


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