Bringing Belle of the Ball, Animal Rescuers and more to UnPub3

If you're near Dover, Delaware this weekend, I'll be demoing Belle of the Ball - Prototype O at UnPub3. Check out the preview and interview on the UnPub site. You may recall that I playtested Prototype L at an UnPub ProtoZone last September, which led to a rapid revision cycle that eventually led Belle to its streamlined current state. This time, I'm mainly practicing my pitch and demo technique, the development on hold while publishers review the game.

I'll also have a copy of Animal Rescuers on hand if you want to test a very alpha prototype that has already been getting really nice feedback. Clay Gardner had some excellent comments on embedding more of the victory information into the art itself. Perhaps if the animals were looking up or down to note that they thank the higher or lower cards. Perhaps if they held cards in-hand to note that they're looking at cards in hand. Definitely worth considering!

It's still tentative, but I'm going to try to put together a prototype of the Sidekick Quests Card Game featuring some early sketches from James Stowe. This is going to be an adorable looking game and very kid-friendly, but I figured it would be easier to get playtesters if the prototypes had James' distinctive style of art first. For now, take a look at the live rules doc which has links to the barebones print-and-play cards.

If I have any spare brain-cycles left, I'll also be tinkering with Dung & Dragons and Swap Clops, if you'd like to talk about either of those games.

And of course I'll be cruising the hall looking for any fun-looking new unpublished games out there. Really eager to see what's coming soon!



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