UnPub Mini at Atomic Empire in Durham NC!

Mark your calendars, folks. I'm running an UnPub Mini at Atomic Empire in Durham, NC. The Unpub games festival helps game designers get their unpublished games in front of players (and sometimes publishers). Unpub Minis are smaller events where local gamers can help local designers make their games great.

Atomic Empire
3400 Westgate Dr. Suite 14B
Durham, North Carolina 27707
Saturday March 2
1pm to 8pm

We've already got seven designers registered for the event:

Roman Conquest by Josh Young
Dorobo by Rocco Privetera
Havok & Hijinks by Adam Trzonkowski
Fog of War by David Perry
Cows vs. Chickens by Matt Wolfe
Hunting Dice by young Zachary Gurganus
Duck Blind by his father Tom Gurganus

If you've been to Atomic Empire before, you know how big and inviting their play space is. It's going to be a fun time! The event is free and open to the public, but Atomic Empire has a wide selection of games so you'll probably come away buying something. (And please do! They've been very kind hosts.)

» More details at the official UnPub page


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