UnPub Mini Highlight: Duck Blind by Tom Gurganus and Hunting Dice by Zachary Gurganus

duck decoys  

(This week I'm highlighting games to be presented at Atomic Empire Unpub Mini on March 2, 2013. Unpub helps game designers get their unpublished games in front of players. Unpub makes good games great. We have seven designers presenting on Saturday, so bring lots of gamers!)

Game design is a family affair in the Gurganus household! We'll have a new game by Tom Gurganus and a dice game from his son Zachary!

Duck Blind
Designer: Tom Gurganus
Contact: tomgurg@gmail.com
Players: 4
Time: 30-45 minutes
Ages: 8+

Duck Blind is a card based auction game in which players are hunters collecting ducks. Ducks and sets of ducks earn VP, give players actions, and mess with other players.

Hunting Dice
Designer: Zachary Gurganus
Players: 2
Time: 40
Ages: 10+

Hunting Dice is a game about deer hunting. Players use dice to shoot at deer as well as move those deer closer to their hunter and away from their opponent’s hunter. Deer are worth various points based on their antler size. Players earn experience points based on their final scores. These XP are used to upgrade their hunter and his equipment for future games.

Duck Blind and Hunting Dice are scheduled to appear at the Atomic Empire Unpub Mini on March 2, 2013!



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