Appearing at the MESH13 Conference in Toronto, Talking about My Golden Ratio

I'm on a panel at the mesh13 conference in Toronto May 16th at 2:30! The panel speakers include Mark Story, Karl Schroeder and Melanie Gorka. Corey Reid will be moderating the panel:
Faster Iterate, Faster!
All that really matters is iteration speed. Faster iterations, from start to finish, mean better solutions faster than any other process.
It sounds like it will be a free-flowing conversation. I will mention my rapid game design iteration cycle and how it's changed over the years. You'll probably hear a few points from my reckless prototyping post from last year, too. I actually want to really mention my personal golden ratio of game design.
I consider my game successful if the total time spent by others playing it exceeds the time spent designing it.
In other words, if I spend 100 hours making a game, I will consider it a success when one hundred people play it a average total of ten hours each, or when one hundred people play it an average of one hour each, or one thousand people play it six minutes each... And you begin to see why I design such short, casual games at a rapid pace. It's the most efficient way for me to achieve my golden ratio.

I'll also be paying a visit to Snakes n' Lattes, but I'm not sure when just yet. I'll keep you appraised and maybe you can join me there!


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