Pre-Order Gaming in the 'Verse, the Firefly RPG Gen Con Exclusive

We've been working hard on getting the Firefly RPG project flying over at Margaret Weis Productions. This is the highest profile job I've had so far, but hopefully I'll do y'all proud.

On my end, my duties mainly involve laying out the books, designing various promotional materials, and recruiting artists. So far I've got a kickass art team that includes Kurt Komoda, Jenn Rodgers, Robert Wilson IV, and Ben Mund. I also put out a call for more women artists on the team that eventually reached Whedonesque and, wow, do we have some amazing talent waiting to get started. HIRE ALL THE ARTISTS!

But here's how it is... I can't keep spending MWP's money hiring all the artists forever. We need to light a fire in this capitalist engine to keep bringing top talent into the team. So Margaret Weis Productions has announced a pre-order for Gaming in the 'Verse, an anthology of gaming material set in the Firefly universe.

  • Sample Art and Full-Color Map Previews
  • Select Chapter Previews
  • “Wedding Planners” a playable Echoes of War adventure written by Margaret Weis
  • “Shooting Fish” a playable Echoes of War adventure written by Andrew Peregrine
  • “Serenity Crew” a collection of stand-alone characters compatible with the Echoes of War line
  • Chinese pronunciation guide
  • …and more!

All built around the Cortex Plus system that has evolved through Leverage, Smallville and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying development. Gaming in the ‘Verse is limited edition and will not be sold in retail stores. If you can't make it to Gen Con, you can have it shipped to you after Gen Con or order the digital edition from DriveThruRPG. Alright, let's get to the links.

»» Pick up Gaming in the 'Verse at Gen Con (includes PDF)

»» Get Gaming in the 'Verse shipped to you after Gen Con (includes PDF)

»» Pre-order the digital version, available the day of Gen Con 

Thanks for your support, everyone! It's a real honor to be working on this license and with such an amazing team at MWP.


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