Monsoon Market Art Preview

Here's a quick preview of the art in Monsoon Market, the game of fast fortunes on the Indian Ocean. It's a time of peace and profit! There is abundant trade between East Africa and China, and whoever runs a port city can get rich quick. The game is a race is to get fifteen seals of approval from Zheng He, the Chinese Imperial mariner visiting every port on the Monsoon Market.

You earn seals by using Gems, Books, Peppers, Silks, Leathers, and Wood to fulfill orders as they come into your port. The first four goods come in quantities of 1, 2, 3, or 4. Several of the 1s are actually hybrid cards, which may be used as either of two goods, but still only a quantity of 1. Leather is always in a quantity of 3 and Wood is always a quantity of 4, but no orders ever specifically call for these basic commodities.

There are three levels of accuracy with which you can complete an order.
  • For the gold rate, you must spend the exact types of goods in at least the quantity noted on the order card.
  • For the silver rate, the types of goods don't matter, but they must still be separate sets and in the minimum quantity.
  • For the bulk rate, they can be any goods in any mix as long as their total quantity is at least the total quantity on the order.
As you can see on the cards, there are different rewards for each rate depending on the card. Some bulk rate orders give you permanent bonus goods. This would be a useful way to spend some of that leather or wood building up in your storeroom.

In addition to completing the order, you also get to do one of four special actions noted on the order card. Chaining orders together to maximize your turn is the key to winning Monsoon Market!



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