"Snappy Dresser" Card Template

As a little weekend hobby project, I was thinking about how some of the concepts and visual language of Marvel SNAP would translate into a printed card. 

Very quickly, this spun out into its own concept. I imagined the cost and strength would both have to be locked to the top left for ease of reference. I minimized the cost icon to be less prominent since you'd rarely have to look at it while it's in play. The basic, ongoing, and reveal abilities ought to have distinct backgrounds so you could quickly scan the board for triggers. 

The artwork here comes from "Aguila Negra" (Black Eagle) issue #100, a Portuguese language comic from 1966 that is now in public domain. I loved that this guy wearing a full knight costume would don a disguise OVER his costume, including sunglasses over his mask and a fedora over his helmet! Quite a snappy dresser indeed!

You can download this Photoshop file at the Patreon post linked below. 

» https://www.patreon.com/posts/82651355

This includes layered smart objects for the backgrounds, borders, and icon elements. Note how most of the layers are plain vector shapes with layer effects, so it's relatively easy to upscale or downscale them as needed. The only rasterized layers are the halftone textures and the artwork.



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