GeekList: The Go-Ban as Game System

A while back, Gerald Cameron created a great list of games that use the traditional board and stones to play the ancient game Go. It's hard to beat the alluring minimalism of a traditional go set. Go's components are the proverbial blank slate for a game designer, so it's no wonder there are quite a few Go variants and original games available.

Go is a great example of a thousand-year game. This list is how it shows a long-lasting classic game often inspires derivations. Those offshoots help keep the parent game alive by using the same components. They also often introduce individual elements of the parent game, thus becoming a teaching tool for strategy and tactics.

What could you design within the constraints of a 19x19 grid, 181 black stones, 180 white stones, and a couple bowls?

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» Image: go CC BY 2.0 Luis de Bethencourt
Daniel Solis
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