Happy Birthday, Robot! - Actual Play with a Third Grade class

Cassie Krause just played Happy Birthday, Robot! with her third grade class, a group aged 8-9 years old. As she's done in the past, she organized it as a three-player game. A team of boys acted as one player, a team of girls acted as another, and she played the third, to help keep the class organized. Here's the story!

Happy Birthday Robot!

Robot really loves dogs and tasty oil hamburgers.

Robot also loves school recess and making new friends, but his favorite is math.

Robot has to figure out division and multiplication before his birthday party, but he’s stuck.

Robot calls Freddy Unicorn for help and he quickly comes over to the rescue, but he forgot his calculator.

Robot remembered his shiny new multiplication chart so he grabbed it from his backpack and they blew through the homework quickly.

Just then, all of Robot’s friends started to arrive with big and huge presents that made Robot extremely happy.

Robot and all of his friends partied like there was no tomorrow.

Even though it was a school night.

It was the best birthday!

Cassie's also working with a local journalist on gaming in the classroom. Definitely looking forward to that story.

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