Minoqaur - Java app download by Ernest Pazera

Ernest Pazera just made this great little Java implementation of Minoqaur. You can see an example of it up at the top of this post and download it from his blog here.

Here is how to run a .jar file on most OSes. Are you on a mac? You can run .jar files with the Jar Launcher under /System/Library/CoreServices and select it as the default app for .jar files. Ernest also shared two interesting findings:

"The sword is so immensely powerful that not picking a nearby starting point seems foolish."

The sword is very powerful, but also farthest from the treasure. It takes twice as many steps to get to the treasure from the sword's entry than from the cloak's or key's entries.

"I learned looking into QR codes, not all QR codes have the "treasure chamber" until they are a minimum size. Additionally, larger QR codes exist with multiple such chambers."

Now that is surprising! If a QR code does not have a treasure chamber, then place it as far in the far right corner as possible. If it has many, place it far from the sword as possible.

Have fun playing and hacking the app!
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.