Interviews on Runtime Expectations, Little Metal Dog Show and the Podge Cast

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And then there was that time I stumbled into a radio show. Let's back up... I ran into my buddy Michael Harrison near my office. We got a pint at the bar (cappuccino stout!) and chatted about all sorts of stuff. Smart guy, that Michael. And it turns out he was about to go into a radio interview with a live audience. Sounded interesting, so I came to watch. Then they gave us both mics. I reacted with my usual poise.

On Runtime Expectations, the normal topic is programming and stuff. Michael came on to talk about web analytics and its variety of uses in the real world. He goes from the basics of data aggregation to how to interpret that data for actual action. If you need any kind of in-depth analysis, you want to talk to Michael.

On the Little Metal Dog Show, I recap the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge and how we selected a winner. But really, you should listen to the episode to hear Rob Daviau talk about RISK: Legacy. A local group has been playing it for a while here and gradually uncovering its secrets. No spoilers here, just awesome behind-the-scenes details on how the game was made.

On the Podge Cast we also talked about the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge, but then we quickly pivot to the whole Kickstarter thing, recapping 2011 and what's in the future. Clearly, this was recorded way before we knew that there would be three multi-million dollar Kickstarters the following month.

Happy listening!



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