Triple Town Board Game?

My first Triple Town floating castle!
Like many, I've been a enjoying Triple Town for iOS. And, like many, it's got me thinking about a multiplayer board game adaptation for the mobile game. If you recall, my obsession with Jorinapeka led to Utara, so you could say I have a history. :p

Stuff You Need
2-4 players.
3 Meeple pawns for each player.
A 6x6 grid board.
An Utara die (or a d6. 1,2,3,4:N,E,S,W; 5:Sun; 6:Moon)
Put 36 grass tiles, three bush tiles, two tree tiles and one house tile in a bag.
A separate tile supply of bush, tree, house, mansion, castle, and bear tiles.

One house, tree, rock, bush and two grass tiles randomly placed on a 6x6 grid.

On your turn
Step 1:
Draw a tile from the bag and place it on the board. You may put a meeple on that tile. If that tile makes a match of three or more, they consolidate to create an upgraded unit, per standard Triple Town rules. Any player with a meeple on a tile that gets consolidated keeps their meeple on the new upgraded unit. Thus, after several consolidations, it is possible for multiple meeples to occupy the same tile.

Step 2:
You can remove one of your meeples from the board. Claim points based on the value of the tile it occupied.

Step 3:
Roll Utara die. Moon: Put a bear on the board. N, E, S, W: Move all bears one space that direction. Sun: Remove tile of your choice.

When the board fills up, player with most points wins.

Possible Retheme?
This mechanic reminds me of the old game Sim Earth. In that game you're terraforming a new planet across many geological epochs. One of the basic units was a comet, to create water. Match water to create an ocean. Match oceans to create a microbe. Match microbes to create fish. Match fish to create... And so on. Title? maybe 3io? A play on "three" and "bio."
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.