POLL: Do you prefer Kickstarter stretch goals that improve your perk or give more perks?

I've been thinking about the finer points of Kickstarter campaign design lately. In particular, I'm curious to understand more about how stretch goals ought to be structured.

For context, stretch goals are funding goals that exceed the original funding goal. In the past two years, they've organically become central to any fundraising drive. Honestly, I'm shocked stretch goals aren't already a built-in feature of Kickstarter's interface.

Stretch goals typically promise two things:
  • MORE: "If we hit 200%, all backers will get the latest expansion along with the base game and an exclusive backer-only promo card!"
  • BETTER: "If we hit 200%, the base game will be produced with full-color art throughout and be printed on thicker, more durable material!"
Plenty of campaigns mix these two stretch goals or combine them into a single stretch goal, but I am curious what you find more motivating as a backer. Share your answer in the poll below and leave some comments with your thoughts!
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.