Kickstarter Stretch Goal Perks: More or Better? [POLL RESULTS | INFOGRAPHIC]

Following up on the poll earlier this week, I asked if you prefer Kickstarter stretch goals that add more perks or improve the perks you already expected. This question got a lot of really great responses and the voting was very tight. Interestingly, though BETTER won the day, MORE had far more supporting comments. Granted, comments from either side had plenty of caveats.

"MORE!... Assuming the base product is already high-quality."
"BETTER!... Depending on the type of product."

So what do you think of the results? Surprised? Relieved? Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. It depends on the project really. The recent Reaper Miniatures kickstarter was the perfect example of 'more' being an appropriate reward. However, if the project was for a book (RPG manual, novel, whatever) or art, 'better' is an appropriate reward (better quality art, better quality paper, hardcover vs softcover).

  2. I remain extremely skeptical that stretch goals have any effect at all on the outcome of a project. When I sit down to design something, I'm already making it the best I can.

    That's why I'm using Kickstarter. Saying, "I'll make it better!" means I wasn't already intending to make it good.

    Now, Mobile Frame Zero's level of success meant that I could commission and print more art, sure. But I don't think "more art" is much of a motivating factor. More than what? How will more art affect the outcome of the piece? Will it mess up the flow of pages? If I say, "It will have 7 full-color pieces" does that give you an idea of what the book will look or feel like? Does saying, "If I get another $xk I'll make it 9 pieces!" give you any better of an idea?

    When I announced that, at $5k, I'd make the game Creative Commons, it got a few hundred dollars, tops, of backing. Anyone else was just excited to see the game take form — despite the awful video and despite the weirdly fluctuating availability of kits.

    I think backers back Kickstarter projects because they either want a thing someone is making or just want to express their enthusiasm for bringing it into existence.

  3. Very interesting poll. I would have offered them the chance to get half of both more & better to see what that response was also.


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