Winery Monks of St. Honorat: "Earn more to give more."

St Honorat
I just heard this lovely story about monks of St. Honorat who have taken their vows to an interesting direction.

The monks host a high-end luxury restaurant and create world-famous wine from their walled vineyards. All their items sell for top-dollar to the world's rich. However, the monks then pass along those earnings to numerous charities to fulfill their vow of poverty and charity all at once.

Naturally, I wanted to make this into a game. You must create and sell goods in order to donate those proceeds to charities. At the end of the game, your total charity is measured as a positive value. Any assets in your possession are a negative value.

I can see some nice emergent behavior coming from player-controlled pacing. So you could try to rush the endgame before the other monks have managed to make their goods, sell their goods or donate their proceeds.

Hmm... What are thoughts on how this theme could work in a board game?
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.