Score Tracker Layout: Snake vs. Graph

(Source: BGG, James Clarke's fan-made Seasons score board.)

Just a general FYI for score tracker layout. Generally score trackers fall into two groups.

"Snake" score tracks follow a serpentine S-shaped path. The "Snake" is best to represent a step-by-step journey, often for games with small increments of scoring happening somewhat frequently. If you use a snake, make sure it's clear that you have a path to follow. You don't want to arrange the spaces in a grid, which implies the Graph layout below.

"Graph" score tracks that are arranged in a grid, with rows of ten spaces each. If you use a graph, you'll gain a lot of fans among engineers and mathematicians. This is much more abstract, but can be extremely useful for jumping double-digit increments at a time, especially in endgame scoring with lots of bookkeeping.

(Edit: For more, Geoff Engelstein covered some of this on Dice Tower Episode 398 at 7:15.)

And as always, make sure each space is numbered. Not just the 5s and 10s. Hope that helps with your tabletop graphic design!
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.