Update on Heir to Europa

In the year 10,000, the throne of EUROPA sits empty without a clear successor.
A series of elegant psychic contests will sway the loyalty of the world’s Factions.
Whoever can accurately predict the tide of public opinion will become HEIR TO EUROPA.
I'm happy to say Heir to Europa went out for print proofing last Monday. In about a week and a half, Nick Ferris and I will each receive test copies of the complete deck with rules and cards for approval.

Given DriveThruCards' past record of high quality printing, I'm pretty confident we'll be ready to flip the switch shortly thereafter and have the game available for sale before the end of April. I definitely hope it'll be the big star of the second quarter for DriveThruCards. Lots of good buzz about this game from the last UnPub.

I'm also sending out review copies in about a week, so I'll be reaching out to a few board game media peeps to get their contact info. Hope all of you dig it!


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