Cassie Krause's 4th Grade Class Plays Happy Birthday, Robot!

Check out the fun story that Cassie Krause' class of 4th graders created by playing Happy Birthday, Robot!

Happy Birthday Robot!
Robot glanced outside sadly because he couldn't go outside.
Robot saw rain, but he was still in a good mood.
Robot wanted to play in the rain, so he went to ask his mom.
Robot's mom said okay, and Robot was extremely happy, but it suddenly stopped raining.
Robot's friends came to his house and they went out to eat at Robot's favorite restaurant.
His favorite restaurant was The Oil Shop and he loved motor oil baked casserole.
Robot ordered his meal happily and for dessert he had a battery cake with chocolate oil.
Robot's friends gave Robot an oil gift and they went to the park.
Robot and Robot's friends played on the swings all day.
Robot had a fantastic and wonderful birthday!
The End

Here's what the kids said:

"Can we play it again?"

"That was awesome!"

"Duh! Robots love oil!"

Cassie sends along these comments, too:

"Another one of my 4th grade teachers wants me to teach her how to play HBR, so she can run it. It's going to be all the rage at Derrick Thomas Academy!"

Great news all around. :D


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