Anillos del Tiempo (Time Rings Puzzle) from Designo Patagonia

Speaking of sustainability, I came across this lovely gem on Swiss Miss. Each unique Time Rings Puzzle is made from naturally fallen Cypress trees. Designed and handmade by Manu Rapoport and Martin Sabattini, a design duo that use Patagonia’s sustainable natural resources and materials.

I'm not usually one for "art games," per se. Too often the message overrides any sense of actual fun to be had in the game. What I find interesting here is that there is no real message surrounding the puzzle. It is simply a lovely toy with a unique production model. That being the case, you bring to it what you have in mind. Let me put on my art student hat for a moment.

Putting together this puzzle is a thoughtful metaphor for repairing natural ecosystems. Even when the puzzle is complete, the pieces don't fit together perfectly. Our effects on the environment will never totally be erased. The resemblance to a broken glass pane doesn't go unnoticed here. Okay, taking off art student hat now.

Getting these lovely puzzles to your doorstep has its own ethical dilemmas, like shipping via fossil fuel-driven freight lanes. But, hey, that's a hard problem to get around... unless of course you have some thoughts on how you could re-use your own local resources. Hm. Hmmm, indeed.

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