Pilgrim Burning Wheel

After you make a pilgrim, you start seeing pilgrim names everywhere.
Pilgrim Jumbo Shrimp. Pilgrim Multipurpose Paper. Pilgrim Green Tea.

Sometimes even another game can sound like it was tailor-made for a pilgrim's name. Case in point: Luke Crane's Burning Wheel. Señor Crane gave his blessing to make Pilgrim Burning Wheel a sample character for Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. I put out a call for ideas on Twitter and got back these ideas.

olde_fortran: "Pilgrim Burning Wheel gets in trouble by swimming and helps people by giving them a bonus dice (or two)."

jcdietrich: "Pilgrim Burning Wheel gets in trouble by starting fires for fun and helps people by improving their self esteem."

grahamwalmsley: "Pilgrim Burning Wheel gets in trouble by giving in to anger and helps people by telling stories of faraway places."

AskALich: "Pilgrim Burning Wheel gets in trouble by necromancy and helps people by speaking with the dead."

TrapCast_Jenn: "Pilgrim Burning Wheel gets in trouble by challenging others with his wits and helps with his masterful skills."

Great ideas, everyone!

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