Free Font: Marain Ancient

The last Marain font was so popular, I decided to take another stab at it in a different style. This time, the letterforms are based on Herculanum. (Herculanum is sort of a younger sibling to Papyrus in that it is often over-used, but not nearly as egregiously as its big sister.) As with Marain Script, I imagine this font being used by an ancient culture (lowercase-c) who adopted the language of the Culture (capital-C) long ago.

This time, the font actually has all the proper Marain characters, too. They're mapped according to the chart on the right.

Once again, I used Fontifier to create this font. I am looking for another font creation tool that won't make the characters so pixelated. (Update: Mark Sherry was kind enough clean up the o, O and @ so they're a bit less pixelated.) If you have any suggestions that are just as easy with better results, I'm open to any ideas.

» Free Download: Marain Ancient
» My previous Marain font: Marain Script
» More about the Culture novels by Iain M Banks
» Music: Xenogears OST - Thames, the Men of the Sea


  1. Thank you so much for your hard work on this! It's really great.


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