Questions about Cover Design or the Thousand-Year Challenge?

I'm prepping notes for my seminars at GenCon. I'm speaking about cover design in RPGs on Saturday and about the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge on Sunday. If you have any questions on either subject, I'd love to work them into my presentations.


  1. I look forward to your presentations! I think I would be interested in how you make color choices for cover designs, what you feel is critical information to have on a cover, and if you consider how the book might be displayed in your placement of a design. Also, I'm interested to know how the type of game influences the type of cover design.

    I'm looking forward to GenCon and hearing what you have to say!

  2. * Color Choices
    * Critical Info
    * Retail Displays
    * Covers by Genre

    Got it! I'll try to address these in the presentation.

  3. How do you decide what _not_ to put on a cover?

  4. Ooh. Good one. I'll address that.


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