[In the Lab] Towers of Battle as a Card Game?

Towers of Battle Cards

One last thought on Towers of Battle. It's much more economical to make it a card game than a board game, but that still requires a LOT of cards. Perhaps if each card had two letters and you could form a word with either letter on a card? Bonus points if the word is formed from letters in the same row. Bonus points if both rows make a word? You could even include in the mercenaries on the cards with the sword and shield symbols. Hm!


  1. This looks fun and very adaptable to an app.

  2. Instead of having two letters stacked as shown, you could have the letters opposite and upside-down to each other (similar to a poker card). Only the right-side-up letter would count, but this way you'd always have a choice between two letters, but you wouldn't have to figure out which letters you were using to spell a word.


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