[T-Shirt] If you see the Buddha, kill the buddha for his treasure and XP.

Years ago, Kevin Allen Jr. and I had an exchange that went something like this.

K: if I ran into a wood elf we would not have chatted. I would have killed him for his treasure and the XPs. Duh.

D: I think that's an old Buddhist proverb. If you see the Buddha, kill the Buddha for his treasure and the XP.

K: I'm gonna get that engraved into a prayer wheel.

The joke is based on an old zen koan: "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him." Interpretations vary, but the gist is that while you are on the path towards enlightenment, you will sometimes externalize the image of enlightenment into some kind of ideal form. You must banish these images from your mind, because they are just distracting byproducts of material perception. True enlightenment comes from within oneself. Deep.

Now here's a shirt (and other illusions of the material world) for those of us who aren't quite so enlightened just yet.


  1. There's also "Jesus saves, Buddha makes incremental backups." Not gaming-related, but I'm an IT guy professionally.

  2. Buddha’s treasure type: three jewels!

    [If you got that joke, you have studied Buddhism.]

  3. Dont insult Buddhism like this.Plz


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