More James Stowe Art for Pop and Locke's Last Heist

Here's some more art from James Stowe for Pop and Locke's Last Heist! See his last couple pieces for the game here and here.

The main direction for these two pieces were to show Pop and Locke on an actual heist, using the magical household objects to help out in their tasks. Last time, you saw Pop doing the grab and Locke on the assist.

This time, I wanted to show Locke in the foreground with Pop in a bit of trouble. (You can spot him in the security cameras.) Locke is using the pocket watch that puts dogs to sleep while grabbing the facility keys off the security desk. She's gotta be careful, though! The watch only works on dogs, not goons.

I'm really glad we were able to get James on this project. When your game is about heists, it's hard not to veer into Mission: Impossible, Ocean's Eleven, or Leverage. James' light, cartoonist style was a perfect way to show that this game has a much more goofy kind of atmosphere. Hopefully it makes you want to play the game, too!

You can find more of James Stowe's work on his blog.


  1. In which episode do Pop and Locke go up against Warehouse 13?

    And who would win?

  2. Too true, sir. Too true.


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