Belle of the Ball - Prototype J - New powers, new backgrounds.

Phew! It's been a long couple of months during this round of playtesting, but I'm happy to release the latest prototype for Belle of the Ball. This prototypes updates include some big presentation changes and a handful of new additions to the list of powers.

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Complete list of powers in Prototype J

  • The card backgrounds have been redesigned and polished up.
  • All Belles grant 10 bonus points.
  • All Ribbons grant 5 bonus points.
  • BFF and friend terminology scrubbed.
  • "Matches" are now fully described relationships between those characters, with a subtle Victorian flair. These are tentative.
  • "Friending" is now "grouping." It's more grammatically correct and easier to parse in game terms.
  • You may now use powers of a single guest or group of guests.
  • New powers added: Shove, Reject, Peek, Befriend, and Breakup.
  • Many, many power guests have powers. The only ones who don't get powers are usually those with 6 popularity.
  • Mingle revised to be exclusively within your own clique. Symbol restriction is lifted, though.
  • Consolidated the complete game rules onto one double-sided 8.5" x 11" sheet. The third and fourth pages are extra, are an example of scoring and space for any forthcoming FAQs/credits.
UPDATE: I answered some questions about symbol-matching and dueling. Hopefully these make things a bit more clear. I'll add these notes to the rules doc shortly.

  • Renamed "Duel a Guest" to be "Call a Guest" since it seemed to make more sense based on what you're actually doing in the game. Unfortunately, that made the Dueling bonus make less sense, so I removed it. The benefit is that it makes the call a direct popularity contest.
  • Because the Dueling bonus is lost, some element of unpredictability is lost in the procedure. So, now you're allowed to reveal more than one card at a time and total their popularity.
  • Expanded and cleared up the wording of Mingle and Befriend actions.
  • Clarified that claiming a ribbon is an automatic thing. If you have the most of that symbol, you get that ribbon.


  1. So, when you make an expansion, you will inclue clique powers, right? Things that can happen when you have X guests together with a certain thing?

  2. That might be something I can add to the Belles, actually. Hm... HMMM.


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