New Art for Belle of the Ball from Morgan McLamb!

Morgan turned in some new line art for Belle of the Ball! I'll just shut up and let you click the image above to admire her work. It's pretty dang awesome.

By the way, I'm still eager to hear more feedback on the current prototype. Give it a play and send me your thoughts! We've got some good input from designers and players alike.

So far, it looks like the game is something like 95% complete, but it's always those last little details that need to get hammered out by persistent playtesting. The question is: Launch the Kickstarter before those details are resolved or after? I usually advocate not starting a game project funding campaign until the game is "mostly complete" and Belle certainly qualifies at this point. Main design questions that remain:

  • Limit the Mingle power to just your own clique? It's basically a free steal at this point, and it makes dueling less powerful. Keeping it to your own clique makes it an optimization tool and a way to swap out powers in the middle of a turn.
  • Should there be a "Discard" action where you  can dump your whole hand? I originally had such an action in an early draft, but struck it when players just cycled the whole game. At the time, reaching the end of the deck was an endgame condition, so cycling was more problematic then.
  • Should powers be more common and/or more varied? Setting up synergistic friend-groups is clearly one of the more fun aspects of the game. Making more opportunities for that to happen might be a good direction, but will lengthen the development process as those powers get playtested and balanced.
So yup! Progress, progress, progress.


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