Clark Valentine and Kids play Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

Clark Valentine kindly shared his family's play session when they played Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. Check it out below!


Pilgrim Loud Frog, played by T. (age 9) . Pilgrim Loud Frog gets into trouble by waking people - or things - up. He helps people by jumping high.

Pilgrim Tall Thinker, played by C. (age 39). Pilgrim Tall Thinker gets into trouble by bumping his head into things. He helps people by giving wise advice.

Pilgrim Creative Dancer, played by M.R. (age 11). Pilgrim Creative Dancer gets into trouble by thinking too far outside the box. She helps people by being clever, flexible, and athletic.

The Pilgrims received a letter from a young girl named Agatha, who had a monster under her bed and a sister sleeping in the next room; the letter can be found on Page 9 of The Book Of Letters. Here is the story they all wrote together.


Pilgrim Loud Frog jumps into the rafters above Agatha with Pilgrim Creative Dancer, and ties ropes around Pilgrim Creative Dancer's ankles. Pilgrim Creative Dancer lowers herself to try to free Agatha from the monsters.

Unfortunately, Pilgrim Tall Thinker bumps his head on the rafter, falling under the bed with the monsters, and also knocking Pilgrim Loud Frog off the rafter. Pilgrim Loud Frog hits the floor so loudly that Agatha's sister wakes up!

Pilgrim Creative Dancer lowers herself even more so she can stick her tongue out at the monsters, grossing them out so they let go of Pilgrim Tall Thinker. Instead, the monsters pull the blanket from the bed and tangle up Pilgrim Creative Dancer!

Pilgrim Tall Thinker, now free of the monsters, tells Agatha's sister an old, sleepy story, and she falls back asleep. But the sleepy story also makes Pilgrim Tall Thinker fall asleep.

Pilgrim Loud Frog leaps back into the rafters and unties the ropes holding Pilgrim Creative Dancer. He shouts "You're free!" which attracts the monsters' attention. Pilgrim Creative Dancer tries to distract the monster using Poldo, Agatha's stuffed bear. This makes Agatha angry. Pilgrim Creative Dancer says sorry and does flips to distract the monster instead.

Pilgrim Tall Thinker wakes up, and remembers old lore that the monsters can be bound to leave by Agatha fearlessly ordering them to. In his haste to tell everyone, he bumps his head on Pilgrim Creative Dancer, and falls on Capt. Fluffy Ear, Agatha's other stuffed bear.

Pilgrim Loud Frog jumps back to the rafters, and recruits birds to help chase away the monsters. But he speaks so loudly that he frightened the birds, who start pecking at him! Meanwhile, Pilgrim Creative Dancer tells Agatha to order the monsters away, and she does.

When the monsters are gone, everyone was happy and they had a great feast. THE END.


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