Board Raptor Games Logo Design

Board Raptor Games Logo
Jenn Rodgers, J.R. Blackwell and the rest of the Velociraptor! Cannibalism! team have a name: Board Raptor Games. Yay! Buuuuut they needed a logo!

They were nice enough to ask me to do the honors. Hard to tell from this is early sketch, but I had a clear outline of where to take the logo. I was taking a little inspiration from the Philosoraptor meme for posing, but I didn't want to resemble on that image too closely. I thought, "Hm. What if he was holding a headless meeple? What if he had a board on his head?"

Neither of those really worked as well as the raptor's distinctive silhouette standing on its own. But surely this guy needed *some* kind of clear mark that called to his origins. Then I looked back at the original V!C! Kickstarter. Lo and behold, the solution. A velociraptor with a monocle. Of course! "Board member" or "Chairman of the board." Spiffy.

With that, it was a super-easy project. Most of the work was done in one weekend thanks to a very responsive client. Thanks, Board Raptor! Hope you like your logo!

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