Games I'll have at PAX East

I'll be in the board game area with prototypes of some of my upcoming games soon to be published over the next few months:

Koi Pond is a draft placement game where you're building a koi pond. Lots of difficult decisions and a satisfying scoring mechanic. Players really love the art. I'll have a few expansion cards to test as well.

Belle of the Ball will be published by Dice Hate Me Games, this is a great game for for fans of Guillotine, Bohnanza, and ridiculous Victorian names. Play it cutthroat or Euro style, it's got tons of replay value.

Suspense: The Card Game, soon to be rethemed, is a brain-burning deduction microgame with just thirteen cards. You're deducing the victory condition while also trying to meet it. This one is really popular.

And in addition I have two playtest prototypes straight from my lab:

Mansa Musa is my first economic game and it's an odd one. The King Mansa Musa is on a religious pilgrimage, spreading his gold in every city he visits. You're a merchant purchasing goods from cities behind Mansa, where they're suddenly cheap. Then you're trying to race ahead of Mansa so you can sell your goods to cities Mansa has not yet visited, for a profit. Sell to nobles for money, sell to peasants for victory points or sell to merchants for either.

Princess Bride Drafting Game is a prototype I've been developing for GameSalute's open call to developers for their Princess Bride license. This game uses the Battle of Wits scene as the basic structure for a drafting game. Players are each characters from the story trying to complete a quest by acquiring milestone cards and meeting certain secondary characters. In play, the dealer draws one card per player, plus two. The dealer chooses two to place face-down in the center of the table, the rest are placed face up. Then players draft their selections from this lineup, one card per player except for the dealer who drafts two. Cards feature all the milestones of the Princess Bride story, including the poisons which could be very dangerous!

Come see me in the board game area and I'll be happy to play any of these games with you.


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