Unpub Mini at Atomic Empire was great!

Unpub Mini Atomic Empire

Unpub Mini at Atomic Empire was a rousing success!  Thanks for attending the Unpub Mini yesterday. Here are some numbers!

Based on an averaged hourly headcount of playtesters, we had roughly 25 players across all the tables throughout the event. We collected 86 feedback forms from the event. At the end of the day, staffers said that this was wildly successful and that it's rare to find an event that would fill half the store for the entire day.

I'm digitizing feedback forms today, so designers should expect them early this week. Meanwhile, here are some high-res pictures from the event.

Check out the tweets from the #unpubminiatomicempire and #unpubatomicempire hash tags for more pics and video from the event. You can also see several 6sec video pitches on Vine from my Twitter feed.


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