Go Cards?

Sometimes I come across sketches on my hard drive and I have no idea what I was thinking about designing.

In this case I was clearly in that phase where I was exploring the fact that you could make a 2.5x2.5 tile out of a standard card, with a hanging 1" tab to block off one area. I must have wanted to make some kind of Go or Pente game out of it, but I don't know how that would work.

Is your goal to make a line of five? Perhaps to surround opposing pieces? Maybe it's an area control competition for each column and row?

I remembered what the heck I was thinking about!

The idea is that you're terraforming an alien planet to order. In the process, you're raising big islands, little islands, or leaving certain sectors as empty ocean. Each card has four sectors which may have either of those three features.

Meanwhile, the 1" tab at the bottom of each card determines how many points the line is worth. To be specific, this is the perpendicular line to the card. So in the examples above, on the far right cards, that horizontal row favors few islands, but earns big points for for each.

I recall now how much I loved the criss-crossing area control element of this idea, but was stymied by the volume of iconography required to make each scoring condition readable from across the table. Ah well, worth exploring nonetheless!