SPX: A Great Source of Art Talent for Tabletop Games

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This weekend we attended the Small Press Expo (SPX), a convention devoted to independent comics creators at every level of the industry. This year was the 20th anniversary of the show and my second year volunteering alongside my wife. She's the real fan of the two of us, with a long-standing love for indie comics and creators.

I came into the fandom a bit late, but it's such a welcoming and vibrant community that I never felt out of place. After weeks of awful news coming from gamer culture, it was such a positive experience at SPX seeing diverse creators and fans in a niche community all supporting each other. It can happen, people! I've seen it!

But I really recommend SPX to tabletop game designers because it is an excellent place to network with lots of undiscovered and rising talent. You can check out the artists I talked to at SPX on my pinterest board here. Specifically for "SPX 2014" tag in the description. Also check out the SPX Tumblr and Twitter feeds for more cool arts.

Now we must sleep off our con crud. See you at SPX next year!


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