Graphic Design Seminar at UnPub 5

Next month in Baltimore, I'll be attending UnPub 5 and running a short seminar covering the basics of graphic design in tabletop games. Thing is, I always find it more productive if I can actually know what it is that attendees want to know. So, if you are attending UnPub 5, please share your questions! Here's my general outline:

  • Experience in Advertising/Marketing
  • Experience in the Tabletop Industry
  • Typical process for a graphic designer for tabletop games

I. Graphic Design for Players
  • Typography
    • Hierarchy: How to organize sections of text.
    • Legibility: Making sure text is readable.
  • Iconography
    • What is an icon vs. a diagram?
    • When is it best to use either?
  • Color
    • What are the "safe" colors for color-blind players?
  • Common Resources
    • Fonts: Blambot, Lost Type
    • Icons: Noun Project,, my Patreon
    • Inspiration: Lovely Package, Web Design Ledger
    • Stock: Shutterstock, Creative Commons
    • Misc: InDesign Secrets, PSDCover
  • Design Challenges in Tabletop Games
    • Reading game components from varying distances.
    • "Cool" layout vs. a usable layout

II. Graphic Design for Production
  • Tools of Production
    • InDesign or Scribus
    • Illustrator or Inkscape
    • DataMerge
  • Prepress
    • Bleeds / Live Area
    • RGB vs. CMYK
    • Press Check 
 III. More Info and Resources
  • SkillShare: Designing Cards for Tabletop Games
  • SkillShare: Graphic Design for CCGs
  • Google Helpouts: Graphic Design for Tabletop Games
  • Patreon: Icons for Tabletop Games

That ought to cover about 45 minutes at least, but I wanted to make sure I'm not rambling about stuff everyone knows already. What questions do you have?


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