Smart Play Games 2014 Sales by Product

Not done crunching the numbers yet! Sorry if this is boring folks who want to see more graphic design and game stuff, but I wanted to see how each title performed through this year. I whipped up these three charts to see how they performed. (No awards for infographic design here, sadly.)

Measuring success by product is tricky because I released new product each month of the year, so naturally the longer-lived products would have higher total sales than the younger products. On top of that, the prices of each product varied through the year depending on promotions or discounts. I've just averaged things out where they vary a lot.

Despite all that obscurity, it's useful to see individual product earnings on their own terms. Take a look at the interactive charts below for details.

Not a lot of surprises here. Koi Pond is the top seller by far, and a good earner in terms of royalties. Nine Lives is a bit low, considering the pie chart below. Otherwise Light Rail and Monsoon Market placed roughly where I expected.

The average royalties for each title vary widely. Perhaps unsurprising, the higher royalties for each product, the lower its relative sales. I get a big royalty for Bird Bucks, but it has the fewest sales. In 2015, I should find alternative uses for those card assets.

Clearly the vast majority of my income this year came from Koi Pond. It's my oldest product and a consistent seller. The more surprising entries are Light Rail coming in at #2 because it's a relatively young product. Nine Lives is almost as old as Koi Pond, but I had the impression that it's less popular. Monsoon Market is another young product that places more highly than I expected, given that it has a large card count.

So, major pushes in 2015 should reinforce Koi Pond products and perhaps Kigi as a crossover product. Nine Lives, Light Rail, and Monsoon Market should feature prominently in future ads, too.


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