March is Crowded with Crowdfunding!

Wow, there are a LOT of kickstarter campaigns launching or ongoing this month. Someone must have sent up a flare or something. Amidst the crowd, you may have missed a few projects. Here are a few tabletop game projects you should support that haven't been funded yet, in order of how close they art to deadline.

  • Dead Scare: (6 Days) Four-woman team publishing a horror RPG about 1950s ladies dealing with the undead.
  • Aether Magic: (6 Days) First game published by the very nice folks at Happy Mitten Games, with art by Jacqui Davis.
  • Fujian Trader: (15 Days) Euro game inspired by (and played upon) a rediscovered 17th century map of East Asia.
  • Bottom of the Ninth: (22 Days) Newest game from Dice Hate Me, baseball themed but cutting straight to the very end of the game.
  • Far Space Foundry: (29 Days) Really cool-looking space-themed game with great classic aesthetic.
  • RESISTOR_: (30 Days) Very cool abstract card game about two AIs competing to win the singularity.

I really hope Dead Scare, Aether Magic, and RESISTOR_ get funded. All three projects have women at the helm and I really want to see more women at the forefront of tabletop industry.



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