[Do] Pilgrims of Justice League and Star Trek

In response to my call for pop culture-inspired pilgrims, Marc Majcher posted his take on the cast of classic Star Trek:
Pilgrim Randy Conductor gets in trouble by chasing after girls, and helps people by getting everybody to work together.
Pilgrim Stoic Owl gets in trouble by holding back his feelings, and helps people by dispensing wisdom.
Pilgrim Grumpy Needle gets in trouble by making sarcastic remarks all the time, and helps people by making them feel better when they're sick.
Pilgrim Confident Wrench gets in trouble by overestimating his abilities, and helps people by fixing things for them.
Liz Hooper offered her interpretation of Batman and Robin:
Pilgrim Lonely Gadget gets in trouble by trying to do everything by himself, he helps people by using his clever inventions.
Pilgrim Lonely Gadget's compatriot, Pilgrim Cocky Tumbler gets in trouble by thinking he can handle things he can't, he helps people by using his gymnastic skills as a martial art.
And Jonathan Korman went the whole nine yards, creating the entire Justice League:
Pilgrim Noble Stone gets in trouble by being too earnest, and helps people by being strong.
Pilgrim Spooky Toolbox gets in trouble attracting crazy people, and helps people by always being prepared.
Pilgrim Haughty Shield gets in trouble by ignoring what people expect of her, and helps people by getting them to tell the truth.
Pilgrim Goofy Wheel gets in trouble by joking around, and helps people by rushing to where he's needed.
Pilgrim Fierce Wing gets in trouble by jumping in without thinking, and helps people by fighting monsters.
Pilgrim Serious Ring gets in trouble by ordering people around, and helps people by making things they need.
Pilgrim Lonely Smoke gets in trouble by feeling out of place, and helps people by being thoughtful.
Thanks, peeps!  Got any pop culture pilgrims of your own? Share them in the comments. :)
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.