[Happy Birthday, Robot!] Special Guest: Isaiah Mustafa

Anders Smith just posted this Happy Birthday, Robot! story on RPG.net:

Happy Birthday, Robot!

Robot sings songs and I like him too, but he smells.

He doesn’t wear Robot deodorant and he eats stinky socks.

Robot says: “Yummy socks! Mmmm!” and rubs his tummy, but suddenly, in burst Isaiah Mustafah!

“Robot, you should smell like me, like a man, but you don’t - look at me!”

“I’m on a can, made of gold - where are you? You’re in space!”

Robot, now very confused, plays lots of smelly sounding songs.

He dreams of being a shiny chrome robot Isaiah Mustafah, but gold-plated...

On a can. “I’m a horse!” And then Robot buys Old Spice, but it explodes!

Robot flew out into space, except he was already there, but he’s a bird.

He’s a magical Robot with chrome and gold wings on fire!

Robot streaks across the sky in nothing but his undies with Spiderman on them.

Spiderman hangs on for dear life, “My spidey sense is tingling!”

Funny how the stories told by grown-ups often make less sense than the stories told by kids. :P


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