Game Ideas

I'll occasionally post random game ideas on my Twitter. This is a collection of some of the most recent ideas over the past several months. Some of these may become full games, some not. This is just a sample of where my brain wanders.

  • Idea: Lowering the coin trigger in HBR and adding a story goals before deadline might encourage more coin-sharing.

  • RPG Idea: Each player says "I'm in love with ___." Then plays a character another player just described. Makes a quick relationship web.

  • Idea: Draw two clauses. Choose one. Unchosen clause gets +1 point.

  • Idea: Index cards, each w/ a clause. Split deck. On yr turn, reveal top card of both decks. Choose one. Unchosen card remains, gets +1 VP.

  • Possible add-on to previous idea: Target Number is whatever you rolled last. Ex: Roll 17 on 3d6? Cool, but that's your TN for your next roll

  • Idea: Dice pool. Target number. Roll over: Gain Resource A. Under: Gain B. Endgame Trigger: A or B over X. Any emergent behaviors? Hm...

  • Idea: RPG starts w/ blank protagonists+setting. Play defines Aspects for both/either. Exploration+definition instead of conflict resolution.

  • Idea: Chess-like game. Use any object as game piece as long as it fits in a board square. Mechanics based on width/height?

  • Idea: Long scarf made of smaller scarves tied together. Each scarf-bit is like a merit badge. Wearable character sheet? Randomizer somehow?

  • Game Idea: RPG: Actions phrased in who, what, where, when, why, how terms. Some of these are random d6, some not. (Idle Wildlings thoughts.)

  • [Game Idea] Reiner Knizia dice pool + ORE. Roll xd6. Gain action points equal to lowest result, but all results feed into long-term engine.

  • Game Idea: Players give each other chips in small boxes. Game involves guessing how many chips you received vs. how many you really got.



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