[Happy Birthday, Robot!] Mega Man vs. Dresden Files

Anders Smith just posted two Happy Birthday Robot stories he created while playing in 2-player mode with his brother. The first is sort of a prequel to Mega Man:
“Happy Birthday, Robot!”
“How are you feeling?” asks Dr. Light.
“A little nervous,” replies Cut-man.
“What if the others all laugh at my blades?”
Dr. Light shakes his head, smiling in ignorance.
“You are a perfect creation - the ones who laugh just don’t understand!”
“You’ll show them all!” he concludes, “Just ask Dr. Wiley!”
“He has a wonderful present behind this door.”
“With his help, and mine, why, you’ll change the world!”
So Cut-man stepped through to meet his destiny.

And the next story is based on the Dresden Files, using a new opening sentence.
“I need help, Harry Dresden!”
Harry sighed, “Why did it have to be gnomes?”
But Harry was certain they must be stopped.
Chicago’s lawns were doomed to wilt otherwise.
Bob told Harry gnomes were afraid of flamingos.
“Real ones aren’t cheap,” said Harry. “Where can I get them in January in Chicago?”
“You don’t want real ones, harry; plastic ones work best - living plastic.”
“Wouldn’t that create a scourge of demon flamingos to menace Chicago?”
“Of course not - that’s what the Celtic black dogs are for, afterward!”
“Now once you’re done with them, you’ll probably need a hag…” Harry stopped Bob at this point.
Harry wondered if the lawns of Chicago weren’t better served by inaction, and sighed again.
Michael suggested calling a gopher-removal expert.
I love how silly these stories can get while still being somewhat coherent. Thanks for posting them, Anders!


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