[Do] TV and Movie Characters as Pilgrims

It's time for some old-fashioned nerdy fun: Statting up your favorite TV and movie characters. First off, here is how you make a character in Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple.
Creating a Pilgrim
Step 1: Choose your pilgrim's Avatar.
Pick an object or thing. For example, "tree," "cat," or "window."

Step 2: Choose your pilgrim's Banner.
Describe that thing in one word. For example, "green," "sleeping," or "cloudy."

Step 3: Fill in the Blanks.
Your pilgrim's name is "Pilgrim (Banner) (Avatar)." For example, "Pilgrim Green Tree," "Pilgrim Sleeping Cat," or "Pilgrim Cloudy Window."
In play, your pilgrim's Banner describes how she gets into trouble. Her Avatar describes how she solves problems. So, by way of example, here's the cast of Avatar: the Last Airbender.
Pilgrim Silly Squirrel gets in trouble by being irreverent and helps people by winding his opponents.

Pilgrim Right Bandage gets in trouble by believing she's doing the right thing and helps people by healing their wounds.

Pilgrim Sharp Stick gets in trouble because of his quick wit and helps people by improvising new inventions as needed.
See how that works? Give it a shot yourself. What would you name the cast of Firefly? How about Buffy or Futurama?


  1. Marc Majcher just posted these pilgrims on Facebook:

    Pilgrim Randy Conductor gets in trouble by chasing after girls, and helps people by getting everybody to work together.

    Pilgrim Stoic Owl gets in trouble be holding back his feelings, and helps people by dispensing wisdom.

    Pilgrim Grumpy Need...le gets in trouble by making sarcastic remarks all the time, and helps people by making them feel better when they're sick.

    Pilgrim Confident Wrench gets in trouble by overestimating his abilities, and helps people by fixing things for them.

    And I have no idea where they're from!

  2. You're gonna kick yourself for missing it when you figure that one out.

  3. I totally did. Commence head-smacking.

  4. Not entirely happy with these --- one of them telegraphs the secret a little too much --- but:

    Pilgrim Noble Stone gets in trouble by being too earnest, and helps people by being strong.

    Pilgrim Spooky Toolbox gets in trouble attracting crazy people, and helps people by always being prepared.

    Pilgrim Haughty Shield gets in trouble by ignoring what people expect of her, and helps people by getting them to tell the truth.

    Pilgrim Goofy Wheel gets in trouble by joking around, and helps people by rushing to where he's needed.

    Pilgrim Fierce Wing gets in trouble by jumping in without thinking, and helps people by fighting monsters.

    Pilgrim Serious Ring gets in trouble by ordering people around, and helps people by making things they need.

    Pilgrim Lonely Smoke gets in trouble by feeling out of place, and helps people by being thoughtful.

  5. Just by the size of that cast, I'm going to assume it's a Joss Whedon set of characters. I'll go with Firefly?

  6. Nope, not Joss Whedon at all. I've actually had a hard time doing Firefly to my satisfaction.

    These characters are classics, though I built this list around a particular version of them. Pilgrim Haughty Shield, for example, isn't always portrayed as haughty --- sometimes she's slow to join a fight, or a fish-out-of-water, or gets herself into trouble other ways --- but she does always help people by getting them to tell the truth ...

  7. Justice League! Whoa. These totally make sense now.

  8. Just by the size of that cast, I'm going to assume it's a Joss Whedon set of characters. I'll go with Firefly?


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