Game Ideas

I'll occasionally post random game ideas on my Twitter. This is a collection of some of the most recent ideas over the past several months. Some of these may become full games, some not. This is just a sample of where my brain wanders.

  • Idea: Lowering the coin trigger in HBR and adding a story goals before deadline might encourage more coin-sharing.

  • RPG Idea: Each player says "I'm in love with ___." Then plays a character another player just described. Makes a quick relationship web.

  • Idea: Draw two clauses. Choose one. Unchosen clause gets +1 point.

  • Idea: Index cards, each w/ a clause. Split deck. On yr turn, reveal top card of both decks. Choose one. Unchosen card remains, gets +1 VP.

  • Possible add-on to previous idea: Target Number is whatever you rolled last. Ex: Roll 17 on 3d6? Cool, but that's your TN for your next roll

  • Idea: Dice pool. Target number. Roll over: Gain Resource A. Under: Gain B. Endgame Trigger: A or B over X. Any emergent behaviors? Hm...

  • Idea: RPG starts w/ blank protagonists+setting. Play defines Aspects for both/either. Exploration+definition instead of conflict resolution.

  • Idea: Chess-like game. Use any object as game piece as long as it fits in a board square. Mechanics based on width/height?

  • Idea: Long scarf made of smaller scarves tied together. Each scarf-bit is like a merit badge. Wearable character sheet? Randomizer somehow?

  • Game Idea: RPG: Actions phrased in who, what, where, when, why, how terms. Some of these are random d6, some not. (Idle Wildlings thoughts.)

  • [Game Idea] Reiner Knizia dice pool + ORE. Roll xd6. Gain action points equal to lowest result, but all results feed into long-term engine.

  • Game Idea: Players give each other chips in small boxes. Game involves guessing how many chips you received vs. how many you really got.
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.