Custom Dice Bag for Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple's Kickstarter

Here's a sneak peek at one of the high-end pledge tier rewards we have in store for Do's Kickstarter campaign. Lyndsay Peters of Dragon Chow Dice Bags is making a short run of these lush, reversible drawstring pouches perfect for keeping your Do stones or your gaming dice.

Click to embiggen these high-res photos! This bag is double-sided with a pair of gorgeous fabrics. One depicts a familiar-looking dragon and the other has layered clouds in a variety of patterns. It all comes together with a durable nylon strand and clasp.

Look for Do's Kickstarter to launch later this month!

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  1. Wow, suddenly, I want to donate. Like, a billion dollars.

    Unfortunately, I can't donate that much, but I'm sorely desirous of these bags.

  2. They're even more lovely in person, I assure you. :D

  3. That is a very very very nice sack, Daniel.

  4. Indeed, it is a sack most admirable.

  5. Yeah, in all seriousness, a very nice bag, good incentive/reward for donators!

  6. Let's hope so! I'd certainly love a bag like this at my table.

  7. Beautiful. Great idea collaborating with Lyndsay

  8. She does fantastic work. She picked these very fabrics just for this project. :D


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