The Podge Cast discusses Do, crowdsourcing and piracy

Interviews with Daniel Solis
For your listening pleasure, I present to you a conversation with the Podge Cast. These guys are the morning zoo crew of gaming podcasts. Always a blast, fellas. Click the link below to hear me stumble over my words as we discuss:

* The plans for passports and other trinkets
* Eric is a sucker for collector's editions
* Production schedule
* Mur Lafferty's Kickstarter for the Afterlife series
* Spending social capital at the right time for the right cause
* A brief history of crowdsourcing
* Eric asks loooong questions (and I give loooong answers)
* Do is part of Bits n' Mortar
* PDF pricing for RPG products
* Luke Crane's position on PDFs
* "What is the buyable object?"
* I just want people to play my game, so I want to make that easier
* I am my own pirate
* The special exception for Happy Birthday, Robot!
* WotC and Paizo's reaction to PDF piracy
* Baen's Free Library
* The common lizard's regenerative capacities
* Setting realistic goals
* Following-through
* The ad in the back of Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies
* Baby teeth

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