FOR THE FLEET - Alpha Document Release

A Strategy Game for Glorious Captains and Short-Lived Crew

» Alpha Rules Document
» 1-6 Players * 30-45 Minutes * Ages 12+
» Genre: Humor, Cooperation, Push-Your-Luck, Resource Management
» Theme: Star Wars' Rebels, Futurama's Zap Brannigan, Battlestar Galactica
» Game Inspiration: Catan Dice Game, Zombie Dice, Forbidden Island

» Description: You're a Star Captain serving in the ragtag rebel fleet. Your ship is a civilian vessel just barely fit for active duty. Hey, the Fleet takes what it can get. Trash haulers, pleasure yachts, and scrappy shuttlecraft – all against the dastardly Imperial Armada. Cooperate with the other captains to WARP across the galaxy, RAID the Empire, and PILLAGE futuristic resources. Keep your crew alive and bring home glory... FOR THE FLEET!

» Development Status: Alpha - See the current draft linked in the image. This is the kind of rough draft I usually write for any game with lots of little bits n' pieces. At the end, you'll see a long section outlining various cards and components. Not pretty, but it's easier to design and balance at a glance when it's all in text.

For now, I have too many commitments for the rest of the year to dwell on this too long. I still encourage comments for future reference, though. I'll revisit this game in earnest in a few months. For now, read the doc, ask questions, leave comments, and enjoy!


  1. Question about the alpha rules... Does rolling a STRIKE cost you one of the CREW on the Target? The existence of BUST costs would imply that it does not, but I wanted to be sure. :)

  2. As of this draft, rolling a strike does not in itself cost any resources. Only if *all* dice strike do you have to pay the cost listed under BUST.

    You may have seen the early notes where strikes did indeed each cost a Crew, but that was very costly and lead to un-fun death spirals. That's why I decided to implement the Strike/Bust mechanic to have more control over the risks for each target.


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