For the Fleet's Ship Consoles

Okay, I said I was putting aside For the Fleet for public alpha, but I woke up this morning with visual ideas. Needed to shake them out or else I wouldn't get anything else done.

The icons are still rough, but I put together these backgrounds and spaceships from some stock art. Took a long time to find good source material, I tell ya.

I was reluctant to use 3d renders since they feel a little less approachable, but hopefully the bright saturated colors help that a bit. Okay, now I'm setting it aside. Too much else to do!


  1. OMG I should've gone to art school. The fact that you can just "shake them out" in a morning boggles. As soon as I can mind meld you're the first person I'm coming after.

  2. It's just 1 part stock art and 2 parts photoshop. Mix in InDesign. :)


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